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The Rose

The heady smell of a budding blossom, The softness of the petals, Droplets of dew, trickling down the folds. The beauty of a rose is a joy to behold.

My Joys in Life

My favorite author is Stephen King...he touches my deepest fears. I can picture myself curled up in front of a fireplace, listening to him tell me stories. I do like other types of novels, and would love suggestions from you...I coach and manage Babe Ruth Baseball, which is my love in life. Although I'm not much on statistics, I know the game well, and I enjoy watching any age group play. I LOVE BASEBALL! I'm also an avid fisherperson.*LOL* Living in Oregon, the possibilities are endless! A remote campground near a high mountain stream...a roaring campfire, and good doesn't get any better than that.


Chatting is the best thing that ever happened to me. Meeting new people is such great fun! And flirting...well, that goes without saying...If you are a little shy..not much of a time like the present to learn... If you are an accomplished flirt, oh please, let's get together. I have so much I want to share...

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