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Welcome to my world of fantasy and enchantment. I am ~*~mynx~*~, the little forest subbie of simplistic living. I believe in honesty and integrity, passion and compassion, loving and learning. I seek guidance and instruction so that I may more fully understand myself. I suppose I would be considered bisexual, but I'm not one for labels. I cherish the ability to bring pleasure to others, male or female, Dom or sub. I am not subservient, I am not a slave, but I am submissive.

My Desires

Although I frequent a BDS&M room, I'm not interested in experiencing all those aspects. They are all fascinating to me, and while I want to discover my limitations, and push those boundaries, there are some things about BDS&M that leave me cold. Probably the biggest turn-off for me is the use of pre-contrived contraptions. I lead a simple life....and the notion of harnesses and handcuffs, leather and buckles, nipple clamps and the like do not fit into my needs. Simple cord, silk scarves, clothespins and a soft blindfold....these are the things that would be most pleasurable. I want and need to be dominated, controlled, commanded. Spankings do not fit into my desires....but I would like to learn my limits regarding pain.

The Master that would take me into service and teach me what I must know would have to be a Master of integrity, power, strength, and compassion. He must be willing to learn about me...before He can properly teach me what I want and need to know. A Master of this caliber, after gaining my complete trust and faith, would be rewarded greatly in knowing that He has created a complete woman.

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