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Sweetstuf's Window Seat

I'm a "people-person" and I love meeting new ones. There are so many possibilities here on the web... I love to meet people, and chat regularly in ICQ, Butterfly's Mansion, and POWWOW, among others. Here's a little information about me if you are interested:
VERY Female
3 kids (almost grown and gone)
My Hobbies are Chatting, Reading, Writing, Baseball, Camping, and Fishing...
My favorite past-time is Flirting...especially with a good partner.
Major Turn-ons are Warm Summer Nights, Midnite Picnics on thick soft blankets, Thunderstorms, and Intelligent Conversation.
Major Turn-offs are immaturity, prejudism and ignorance.

I'd love to meet and chat with you sometime...

be my guest

Butterfly's Mansion: The greatest group of chatters around!
Abacab: A very special love of mine.
Pegleg: A good man, and a special friend.
Pillow Talk: More of me...
Sweet Talk: Even more of me...

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