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Tips and Pointers

There are certain ways of saying things that will show Honor and Respect, as well as letting others know you are serious about the lifestyle. Here are a few mainstays. As always, watch, read, and learn while in the "D". There is much knowledge to be gained there.

It is extremely important that no sub EVER PM (private message) any Dom/me without first getting permission. Lately, there as been a new standard that no Dom/me may PM a sub, without permission, but that really doesn't make any sense, and I believe it came about from the Dom/mes wishes that their subs not accept PM's from other Dom/mes. Somehow, it got blown out of proportion, so use caution when PMing anyone.

When making any statement that refers to both Dom/mes and subs, one should capitalize the first letter, then repeat it as follows: A/all......T/they.......Y/you.......O/our.........U/us......When addressing a Dom/me---always do so with respect by calling them Sir, m'Lord, m'Lady, Sire, Mistress, or Master. Some Dom/mes prefer that you not call them Master or Mistress if you don't wear their collar, so it is best to test the waters slowly.

The "D" is subject to major lag time. Please be patient if you address someone and they don't answer promptly. If you have waited an adequate time, perhaps a gentle repeat of your statement will get noticed. I'm a very frank person. If I post something to someone twice, and they still don't answer, I usually ask them if I have offended them. I like to know where I stand. How you handle such a situation is your decision.

When entering the "D", it is proper to greet A/all.....or E/everyone....then greet those you know individually in your own way. Once you become a regular, you will realize how 'out of place' someone sounds when they enter, and shout...."ANYBODY WANT TO CHAT?".....That almost immediately identifies that person as new to the room, and perhaps not very alert.

If there are any questions or concerns that you may have regarding any of these tips or pointers, please feel free to contact me at the email address below. I will answer you as promptly as is possible. Good luck in the "D".......I hope you find what you seek.....

by the the "D", I am known as ~*~~mynx~~* aboard!

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