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The description set forth here is my personal opinion of a sub. Yours may differ and that is fine. We are, after all, each unique in our own way.

A submissive offers to a Dom/me those most precious of gifts: Love, Trust, Honor, Respect, Devotion, and Self. When accepting a collar, a sub should realize that they are giving themselves completely; HEART, SOUL, MIND and BODY. If you are a collared sub, and your Dom/me requires you to serve others, be present in the "D" only when they are, not speak to selected individuals or groups, not accept Private Messages, or something of a similar nature, then that is the Dom/me's prerogative. Some Dom/mes are gentle, tender, and loving. Some are into bondage, and some are only into giving pain. This is why is is so very important that a sub not accept a collar lightly. Careful consideration should be had before giving yourself to a Dom/me so completely.

Dungeon Protocol:
The Dom/me:
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