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The Dom/me

I have yet to meet two Dom/mes that are alike. Each one is different, and requires different behavior from a sub. In my opinion, a good Dom/me watches a sub, their behavior, attitude and grace before making a decision to collar, and then teaches the sub the finer points of serving that particular Dom/me. I have seen Dom/mes enter the "D" and 30 minutes later, they have collared a sub. As a sub, I know that I could not give myself, in the true sense of submission, to a Dom/me I had only known for 30 minutes. For that reason, I recommend avoiding this type of Dom/me. They are most likely viewing the "D" as a whorehouse, and looking only for a "one-night stand."

For those Dom/mes that are slow to find what they seek in a sub...remember, You are the Dom/me. You will train Your collared sub to do Your bidding. And, if You have no true experience as a Dom/me, I'm sure that some of the more experienced Dom/mes would answer any questions You may have.

Also, keep in mind that most subs are submissive because they want to feel controlled, commanded, Mastered. They want to please. Many are already involved in a traditional "mutual love relationship" real-time. They need to feel submissive which is why they are in the "D". If You are feeling a little left out, perhaps You could study those Dom/mes who seem to garner the most attention from the subs. And, Good Luck. My fondest wish is for all to discover that which they seek.

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