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Nature at its Best

I'm a very natural woman. I believe that life is meant to be lived, and that anything you are capable of doing, is do-able. This is why I believe in equality, be it work related, home related, or sexual. All humans are created equally. It is what we do with what we have that makes us who we are.


Fantasy's are an individual's dreams, wants, and needs. To fulfill a Fantasy is one of my fondest dreams. My fantasy's range from lite bondage to s&m, pure uninhibited sex with no holds barred, fireside champagne, music, and tender, sweet lovemaking. The fear of being caught or seen excites me, I am subject to multiple orgasms, and I have a vivid imagination. I'll try anything once...

The Great Outdoors

Sex outdoors is a MAJOR turn-on for me. In broad daylight, with the sun beating down on my naked skin, on a hot summer night, when the scents of nature are at their strongest, under a moonlit sky...or skinny-dipping in a pool, the idea of sex outdoors is a repeating loop in my head. Care to join me?